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About us

Talud is produced in Alceño, Spain. The Alceño winery is located in the town of Jumilla, one of the Spanish wine regions, was founded in 1870 and has a history of almost 150 years of family winemaking.

Spain is a long history of the traditional wine countries of Europe.

It is the most important area in the world of growing grapes from wine producing countries of the old ancient world, and the history of wine-making region of Jumilla dates back to Roman times, thousands of years ago, has not changed is the generation of local In the name of the heritage of viticulture and traditional brewing, the change is gestating techniques and the quality of wine growing, as well as the concept of making good hardback wine, thus becoming one of the most powerful wine regions of Spain.

It is also one of the two legal origins of the wine of the Lower Levant (referring to the southeast coast of Spain) in the region of Murcia. Alceño is the first commercial winery in the Jumilla region, is recognized in the world of Spanish and international wine and is the representative of the quality of Jumilla.

The Alceño winery is near the mountains and has a beautiful natural environment. The winery has almost 200 hectares of vineyards, and the vineyards are a combination of Mediterranean and continental climates, with many warm and light summers, cold winters, extremely dry and rainy, thanks to the special climate of the region.

Pests and destructive diseases are not easy to produce, and it is completely possible to avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals to obtain an ideal environment for natural natural conditions. It is also watered by natural water sources in the mountains to produce high quality wines.

There are many varieties of grapes planted in the park, and most of the vines are between 25 and 70 years old. 80% of the grapes in the park are Monastrell, a local variety in the Murcia region, while the other 20% are Garnacha, Sheila and Tanjung. Monastrell has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for more than 400 years.

And this Talud is 100% made with the local variety Monastrell. It has an intense red color with a strong fragrance and a wild nature with earthy earth. And the fragrance of the fruit.